Roland Krainz the world-famous jewelery designer is introducing his latest collection, Fine Jewels of NYC.

Roland Krainz, CEO and founder of Krainz Creations, is an Austrian born designer with over 30 dedicated years of experience in the renowned jewelry industry, including specifically commissioned designs manufactured for multiple top-leading, global luxury brands.

By innovatively merging the feats of modern, state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering with the time honored century-old approach to the art, technique, and tradition of meticulously intricate, handcrafted labor and jewelry design, Roland’s coveted creations in platinum, gold, diamonds, exotic gems and precious stones, achieve the highest quality possible, featuring design aesthetics that are both uniquely contemporary, yet elegantly timeless.


Designed to best complement and emphasize the delicate details inspired by each stone’s uniquely radiant qualities and natural brilliance, Roland’s myriad creations—from pieces that define a collection, to heirlooms that establish a legacy—are each carefully cultivated results of years of hands-on extensive research, committed labor, and unwavering perseverance through trial and error.

In addition to combining the finest, premium quality materials with unrivaled, exceptional artistry, each piece is laboriously fashioned by hand, overseen by master craftsman throughout the creative process; a nod to the time honored art and age-old practice of complete, proprietary in-house execution, each stage of the artistic process—from model making, casting, fabrication, setting, and finally, polishing—is exclusively accomplished in the workshop under one roof, boasting a commitment to the elegance, quality, and practice of traditional artistry and design.

Housed on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, the complete in-house nature behind Roland’s ingenious designs not only adhere to the traditional art and practice of handcrafted jewelry design, but also ensure exceptional artistry and craftsmanship throughout the creative development, from start to finish.

Acknowledged as “a cut above,” the in-house nature and workshop exclusivity recognizes both the extraordinary quality and meticulous, keen execution behind each piece, as well as the uncapped potential and ability to produce precisely customized designs, including challenging complexities.

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